Nevermore StealthMax S Hardware Kit

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This is the SMALL version of the StealthMax, the normal version is available here.

Does NOT include printed parts.

Contact us if you would like us to print the parts for you.

Updated to work with the latest StealthMax S release. (As of April 1, 2024)


 Description Quantity
DELTA KFB0612HAFDB 60mm GPU fan 1
BME280 2
SGP40 2
Mateksys 6-30V Buck Converter 1
Raspberry Pi Pico W 1
M2x4 FHCS 10
M2x6 Self Tapping 6
M3x6 BHCS 18
M3x6 SHCS 13
M3x10 BHCS
M3x10 SHCS 5
M3x12 SHCS 3
M3x16 BHCS 2
M3x20 SHCS 4
M3x25 SHCS 5
M3 Hex Nut 2
M3xD5.0xL4.0 Heat Set Inserts 35
Carbon 4mm Pellets 23oz/652g
HEPA filter (Nevermore Mini/StealthMax S Latest Version by Linneo)
PC4-M10 Pneumatic Fitting 1
200x3mm round acrylic panel 1
3mm sponge cord 1M
M8 threaded DC connector 1
pre-wired 6-pin 1.25mm pitch JST connector (1x Male, 1x Female) 1
pre-wired 4-pin 1.25mm pitch JST connector (1x Male, 1x Female) 2
JST-PH 4-pin male GPU fan connector 1
AWG26 2-conductor (0.14 mm²) cable 40CM
Heat shrink tubing 1/16" 2
2 foot 26 awg wire 4
Extra Heat Shrink Tubing 3
4-pin DuPont Housing
5-pin DuPont Housing
DuPont Crimps 40
4-Pin 90 Degree Header 3
5-Pin 90 Degree Header 1


Cross Section Length (mm) Color From To Comment
AWG24 /
75 BK DC_Connector BEC GND
75 RD DC_Connector BEC 12V
200 BK BEC Fan_4p GND
200 RD BEC Fan_4p 12V
50 BK BEC Pico GND
50 RD BEC Pico 5V
AWG26 /
200 BN Fan_4p Pico RPM
200 VT Fan_4p Pico PWM
325 YE Sensor_IN Pico I²C SDA
325 PK Sensor_IN Pico I²C SCL
325 BK Sensor_IN Pico GND
325 GN Sensor_IN Pico 3V3
300 BU Sensor_OUT Pico I²C SDA
300 GY Sensor_OUT Pico I²C SCL
300 BK Sensor_OUT Pico GND
300 GN Sensor_OUT Pico 3V3

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